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Kelsey Garrity-Riley
Old Hollywood Tag


Audrey Hepburn: Have you ever gone hunting? - no.

Bette Davis: What is your eye color? - hazel/green.

Cary Grant: What is your favorite accent? - scottish.

Doris Day: Are you a vegetarian? - no.

Elizabeth Taylor: Do you wear perfume? - sometimes/

Fred Astaire: Do you like to dance? - ehhhh.

Gregory Peck: Do you root for the good guy or the bad guy? - good guy duh.

Humphrey Bogart: Do you have any scars? - nah.

Ingrid Bergman: What is your favorite flower? - roses or sunflowers.

James Dean: Have you ever been in a car crash? - no thank god.

Katharine Hepburn: Skirts or pants? - skirts all the way.

Lauren Bacall: What makes you nervous? - legit everything and also parking.

Marlon Brando: Do you wear hats? - meh.

Norma Shearer: Are you a feminist? - i’m pretty sure i would call myself that yes.

Olivia de Havilland: What foreign countries have you visited? - none yet ): 

Paulette Goddard: Do you prefer black & white or color films? - i like both! 

Steve McQueen: Have you ever been arrested? - no.

Rita Hayworth: What color is your hair? - brownish.

Spencer Tracy: Are you good at lying? - haha idk.

Thelma Ritter: What is your favorite holiday? - Christmas!!! omg.

Peter Ustinov: Have you ever served in the military? - no.

Vivien Leigh: Cats or dogs? - kittys.

Natalie Wood: Do you have any fears? - yep lots and lots.

Rex Harrison: Broadway or Hollywood? - broadway.

Yvonne De Carlo: What is your heritage? - irish and english and such.

ZaSu Pitts: Are you funny? - i dunnnnoo.

  • mumford sons:i have a beeEEEeard *jangalangalangalnag*